Davi is an entity specializing in providing valuation services in An Giang.

Our valuation certificates will serve as a foundation for investors and enterprises to make decisions.

Pursuant to the Law on Prices no.11/2012.

Price appraisal means determination of value in money of types of properties by agencies, organizations having function of price appraisal as prescribed in the Civil Code that is suitable with market price at a point of time, a certain location, for a certain purpose according to standard of price appraisal.

Report of price-appraising result means document made by price-appraising enterprise in which shall state clearly process of price appraisal, price-appraising result and opinion of price-appraising enterprise regarding to value of appraised property for customers and relevant parties to have basis and use for purposes being written in the contract of price appraisal.

Certificate of price appraisal means document made by price-appraising enterprise in order to inform to customers and relevant parties of basic contents of Report of price-appraising result.

 Valuation procedure pursuant to Article 30, Law on prices no.11/2012:

  • Analyzing information.
  • Making plan on price appraisal.
  • Surveying reality, collecting information.
  • Defining value of asset being appraised price.
  • Making report on result of price appraisal, price-appraising certificate and sending to customers, relevant parties.
  • Defining on assets for price appraisal in general and defining the market or non-market price making as bases for price appraisal.

Assets being appraised belong to organizations, individuals who have the demand for price appraisal, including the following categories:

Real estate valuation (Real estate):

Real estate includes:

  • Land
  • Housing
  • Architecture
  • Infrastructure

Purposes of real estate valuation (real estate):

  • Capital loan at banks
  • Proof of financial capacity
  • Transferring, selling real estate
  • Investing, contributing business capital
  • Tax calculation, foundation for accounting

Valuation of machines, properties and inventories:

Properties being appraised include:

  • Transportation 
  • Inventories, ingredients, materials
  • Machines, devices, machinery chains

Valuation purposes:

  • Selling, transferring
  • Collaterals for capital loan at banks
  • Used for accounting, tax calculation purposes
  • Used as investment assets, capital contribution
  • Proof of financial capacity in business transaction

Business valuation:

The subjects of business valuation include:

  • Valuation of private enterprises
  • Valuation of joint stock companies
  • Valuation of limited liability companies

Purposes of business valuation

  • Stock issuance
  • Business transfer
  • Joint-stock enterprises
  • Joint-venture, partnership
  • Collateral, guaranty at banks

Why should you choose valuation services at Davi?

  • Logical and progressive working procedure
  • Customers of our valuation services are diverse
  • We have a team of credible and experience valuation experts
  • We are a complying entity who is certified to provide valuation services
  • Sufficient information and foundation for valuation, reasonable service fees.

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