Tax-related procedure services, or tax consulting services are provided by tax agencies, in which they offer services as contracted with tax-payers, including:

  • Calculating and pay tax;
  • Tax registration procedure;
  • Consulting and preparing tax declaration;
  • Executing other tax procedure on behalf of the tax-payer;
  • Preparing documents and conducting tax declaration, tax finalization;
  • Preparing documents requesting tax exemption, reduction, and refunds.

Tax agency is an enterprise, branch of an enterprise that is eligible and certified to have sufficiently met the conditions for providing tax-related procedure services.

Complying with the tax declaration, finalization and payment procedure are rights and duties of all enterprises. Tax is complicated, including many types with different regulations. Adhering to these regulations will incur various cost for initiation and financial as well as legal risks for enterprises.

Some types of taxes usually incurred at enterprises:

  • Excise tax
  • Value-added tax
  • Import, export tax
  • Personal income tax
  • Business license tax
  • Corporate income tax
  • Foreign contractor tax
  • Other taxes…

Each type of taxes has different guidance laws that are regularly amended, which requires enterprises to constantly update and timely comply with. After many years of consulting and accompanying foreign enterprises, we recognize that taxes are the greatest barriers for investors when investing in Dong Nai province.

According to the laws, every enterprise when starting a business needs to organize an accounting system, hire accounting services or tax agencies to execute accounting jobs and tax procedure at the entity.

However, for most enterprises, establishing an accounting system and maintain the operation of the accounting system is not simple. During recruitment, training of accountants and operation, there will be lots of incurred cost coupled with inefficiency.

The role of the accounting system and accountants are utterly important to enterprises. On the one hand, they help enterprises comply with the laws and mitigate risks, on the other hand, provide helpful information for managers to make the right decisions.

Understanding such difficulties, many companies are currently seeking for accounting services for their professionalism, cost-efficiency and the major benefits they bring to enterprises.

VinaSC is an entity specializing in providing tax consulting services for foreign enterprises in Dong Nai province.

With tax consulting services in Dong Nai province at VinaSC, we act as an accounting system and expert for the enterprise. VinaSC will handle all tax-related matters for the enterprise.

When do foreign enterprises need services of  VinaSC Tax Consulting Company?

  • You are not satisfied with the capability of your current accounting system.
  • Your enterprise is evaluating the existence of tax-related risks at the enterprise.
  • When the enterprise needs a representative entity or support, provision and explanation during inspection from tax authorities.
  • Your enterprise is newly-established, there is no accountant, chief accountant, and personnel responsible for tax procedure yet.
  • You need professional accountants with qualifications, expertise, experience to satisfactorily execute the rights and duties of the tax-payer.
  • The enterprise wants to change from self-organizing accounting activities at the entity to hiring accounting services, tax agencies to optimize efficiency.

VinaSC Tax Consulting Company provides tax consulting services, including these following activities:

  • Declaring and paying business license taxes for enterprises;
  • Counselling and warning business leaders about imminent risks;
  • Counselling enterprises on optimal tax solutions according to the laws;
  • Preparing reports and declaring the use of invoices, receipts quarterly;
  • Preparing tax returns and declaring personal income tax monthly, quarterly;
  • Preparing reports and declaration of value-added tax monthly and quarterly;
  • Estimating the amount of corporate income tax needed to be paid quarterly;
  • Filing tax returns and executing tax finalization for annual corporate income tax;
  • Creating samples, registering for samples and notifying about the use of invoices;
  • Gathering invoices, inspecting, reviewing, and collating invoices with related vouchers;
  • Checking legal documents, business documents to evaluate the relevant duties and types of tax;
  • Filing and declaring other tax duties, such as: foreign contractor tax, excise tax, capital transfer tax…

Why should you use services at VinaSC Tax Consulting Company in Dong Nai province?

  • VinaSC’s service fees are appropriate given the service quality offered to customers.
  • Apart from monthly jobs, we also counsel enterprises on daily issues relating to the laws, accounting, audit.
  • VinaSC is a tax agency certified to provide tax consulting services according to the General Department of Taxation.
  • We have a team experienced in various business fields, VinaSC’s tax consulting services department will support your enterprise in the most efficient and professional manner.

What are the fee policies of tax consulting services at VinaSC?

We have experience and are trusted by many foreign investors to be a consulting entity for their business operation in Dong Nai province. We can understand the work culture, demand and expectation of our customers. Service fee is one of the contents we always trying to optimize based on our service quality. Belows are some content affecting our service fees:

  • The scale of the enterprise (The number of vouchers, scale of labors and revenue);
  • Time-related requirement differs from the timeline stipulated in the laws of Dong Nai province;
  • Professions, business lines of the enterprise (manufacturing enterprise, production enterprise, commercial or service enterprise);
  • Demand for services, reports for internal management. If there is not further request, VinaSC shall complete the procedure as required by the laws of Dong Nai province.

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