Setup company in Phu Quoc

Vinasc is known as a famous brand of providing consulting services for domestic and foreign businesses. At Vinasc, we have member units providing services such as: accounting and tax advisory services, independent audit services, office services and setup company services. Our solutions are implemented and accompanied to help businesses comply with the law, effectively in business.

Vinasc’s setup company service in Phu Quoc has deployed and received the trust of many investors during the last time. Our service consults fully important contents such as: business areas, tax incentives, tax policies … .. and related legal issues.

In Phu Quoc, we have employees who are experienced, well-trained and professional working style. Our employees always values ​​compliance with the law, compliance with the agreement and commit to protecting customer information.

Establish foreign companies services in Phu Quoc

Currently, with the policy of open door and attracting investment. Phu Quoc has been receiving great attention from foreign investors. Vinasc is the leading company in Phu Quoc about  providing  consultancy services to foreign investors.

  • Consulting on setting up investment projects
  • Consulting on information and records to be granted investment registration certificate, business registration certificate
  • Making and announcing enterprise’s seal as prescribed
  • Consulting the original procedures on tax, opening bank accounts
  • Consulting on original procedures on labor … ..
Establishing domestic companies services:
  • Receiving information and customer needs about setting up the Company in Phu Quoc
  • Evaluating business legal documents
  • Evaluating the business field and business environment of the enterprise
  • Consulting and preparing records
  • Carrying out the procedures to be granted a business registration certificate
  • Consulting the original procedures: Seal, bank account, original records on taxes, labor
Opening branches and representative offices services

In order to meet the needs of expanding production and business activities, trade promotion, expanding markets in Phu Quoc, we receive consulting and procedures  related to open branches and representative offices for domestic and  foreign traders.

  • Receiving and evaluating information
  • Preparing records and conducting the establishment procedures
  • Consulting the original procedures: Seal, original tax, bank account, labor procedures

Reasons why you should choose legal consulting services of Vinasc?

  • Vinasc is a unit with many years of experience and reputation in the field of consultancy;
  • Vinasc’s services are provided by synchronous and optimal solutions for businesses;
  • Vinasc’s personnel team who have trained professionally , experience of consulting for many years and professional working style;
  • Our service is efficient and timely for customers

Please contact us to experience the service if you have been investing in Phu Quoc business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still open questions?

If the business field is not banned or restricted business, 15 days from the date of receiving valid dossier.

Conditional business line will take longer and depending on what business field is.

  • Investment registration certificate
  • Enterprise registration certificate
  • Business license (if Conditional business line)

According to the law, investors have the rights select kind of money to contribute capital by lawful source of money .

Businesses operating in the normal business areas (not banned, without conditions, not subject to the Special Consumption tax) will be eligible for tax incentives.

Investors have the rights to transfer their lawful profits and sources of money abroad according to the provisions of law. This content is regulated and applied nationwide.

Information security

Our team always respects the privacy and commitment to information confidentiality in our consulting activities.


Compliance with laws, compliance with service contracts is the goal and motto in our consulting activities.

Timely support

Providing timely services while ensuring compliance and quality control will be the principle consistently applied at Vinasc.