Business license in Phu Quoc

Vinasc is known as a famous brand of providing consulting services for domestic and foreign businesses. Our solutions are implemented and accompanied to help businesses comply with the law, effectively in business. In order to conduct business activities, besides an investment registration certificate or business registration certificate, some fields need to meet certain conditions before conducting a business.

Meeting demands of the customer, Vinasc is currently providing consultancy services such as: Fire safety certificate , Food safety certificate , business license, etc.

In Phu Quoc, we have a team of experienced personnel, well-trained and professional working style. We always be ready to serve and support customers in the process of doing business in Phu Quoc.

Fire safety certificate services

According to the law, business establishments must ensure security in general and fire safety in particular before conducting business activities.

Our services are:

  • Surveying, consulting equipment
  • Procedures registration and training in fire safety
  • Procedures for Fire safety certificate
Food safety certificate services

In Phu Quoc, most businesses operate in the service fields, such as restaurants, hotels ….related to services customers in  catering.

According to the law, to conduct business activities, businesses need to train and have Food safety certificate.

  • Procedures for registration and training on food safety
  • Procedures food safety certificate
Business license service (distribution, retail ...)

A business license, or sublicense means certificate of business eligibility for business in a specific field.

In Phu Quoc, wholesale and retail license for alcohol is one of the popular business licenses

Our main services are:

  • Consulting and preparing records for business licenses
  • Carrying out procedures for submitting, explaining and receiving results for enterprises

Reasons why you should choose services of Vinasc?

  • Vinasc is a professional consulting company, understanding the rules and procedures for businesses
  • Vinasc has employees who have many years of experience, and always do their best to customers.
  • Our services are conducted fast, timely business schedule for enterprise.
  • At Vinasc, synchronized consulting solutions are established and provided simultaneously to customers
  • Affordability

Please contact us to experience the service if you have been investing in Phu Quoc.

Frequently asked questions:

Still open questions?

To establish a business, need to have a business registration certificate. In order to operate in conditional business, a business license is required. This is a necessary and sufficient condition for an enterprise to conduct business activities in conditional business lines.

This information should look up the list of conditional business lines in the Investment Law and guidance documents or on the national information system on enterprise registration.

Police  department of fire prevention and fighting issue  fire safety certificate.

The provincial / municipal  Food Safety Bureau or authorized agencies in specific cases

Mostly, the Department of Industry and Trade will issue wholesale and retail licenses. Except for some specific cases under the authority of the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Information security

At Vinasc, customer information is confidential


We are committed to ensuring the committed schedule

Timely support

In any case, our team is available to consult and timely support.