Vinascreal, belonging to Vinasc Group, is an entity specializing in real estate trading, including office leasing for businesses. We are currently collaborating with multiple buildings and offices to offer customers various options.

Our consultant team will provide sufficient information about our services, such as:

  • Geographical location
  • Traffic and infrastructure
  • Conveniences
  • Operating expenses
  • Price policies

In addition, we also provide other office services such as: shared offices, virtual offices, meeting room service…to optimally serve our customers’ demand.


Virtual office services help customers register transparent and credible addresses for their headquarters that comply with the law on business headquarters. This service is for enterprises who do not have the demand for working at a physical headquarter, employees can work from home or from anywhere.

When using our virtual office services, customers can save cost, yet are still able to have credible contact addresses with the following features:

  • Adequate signboards as required by the laws
  • Credible addresses for transactions, receipt of mails, parcels and documents
  • Convenient locations for meeting up with customers
  • Locations for welcoming tax and insurance authorities

Our shared office services are to satisfy the need for professional working space with optimal office conveniences. A working environment that resembles your own office but with a relaxing design will boost customers’ productivity.

Normally, customers can choose between fixed and changeable desks and can choose one or various seats depending on their own need.

Using our shared office services, customers will have a chance to experience associating conveniences, such as:

  • Stable electricity and internet system
  • Diverse tea and drinks service
  • Printers and fax
  • Private meeting room and calling space…

Besides leasing offices, Vinascreal is also partnering up with various office buildings to serve the demand of our customers. The buildings we are collaborating with are A, B standard certified and have favorable geographical locations for transactions and customers’ working activities.

We always adequately consult and guarantee our customers’ rights. Please let us know about your demand, such as:

  • Office area
  • Office standard: A, B, C
  • Geographical location
  • Estimated budget
  • Estimated timeline
  • Other requirement in terms of interior design


  • We have multiple products and options for customers.
  • We have various services to support customers during their business operation
  • Our information is always transparent, maximizing customers’ benefits.
  • We are an entity specializing in supporting enterprises operating in Vietnam.
  • Our service fees and quality are always reasonably priced.

Please contact us right away when needed


Having more questions?

Currently on the market, enterprises can rent offices from enterprises, organizations that offer office and real estate services or from individuals.

In case of renting offices from organizations, entities specializing in office leasing, the same tax policy on other goods and services is applied. This means enterprises have the obligations to pay office leasing service fees, 10% VAT included, and base on the service invoices to calculate tax expense for the enterprises themselves.

In case of renting offices from individuals and households:

Pursuant to Circular 92/2015: for individuals leasing properties, if the total revenue from lease contracts earned in the calendar year is VND 100 million or lower, the lessor shall not pay VAT and PIT.

If the total revenue is above VND 100 million/year, the lessor has to pay the following tax:

  • Value-added tax: 5%
  • Personal income tax: 5%

In addition, when tax is applied, all lessors must pay business-license ta

Case 1: If an enterprise leases an office from an organization, company specializing in office leasing, then service invoices will be issued and the lessee will use invoices and documents for tax declaration and accounting like other services.

Case 2: If an enterprise leases an office from individuals without sufficient documents, then pursuant to Clause 2, Article 4, Circular 96/2015/TT-BTC, expenditure of lease of individual assets is as follows:

  • In case an enterprise leases assets from an individual, documents for determining deductible expenses is the lease contract and proof of rent payment.
  • In case an enterprise leases assets from an individual and the lease contracts allow the enterprise to pay tax on such individual’s behalf, documents for determining deductible expenses are the lease contract, proof of rent payment, and proof of tax payment on the individual’s behalf.
  • In case an enterprise leases assets from an individual where the lease contracts states that the rent is exclusive of tax (VAT, personal income tax) and allows the enterprise to pay tax on such individual’s behalf, the enterprise may include the total amount of rent in deductible expenses, including the tax paid on such individual’s behalf.

Pursuant to Clause 10, Article 4, Law on Enterprises No. 59/2020/QH14:

“enterprise” means an organization that has a proper name, assets, premises, is established or registered in accordance with law for business purposes.

Pursuant to Article 42 of this law, enterprise’s headquarter is:

The enterprise’s headquarters shall be located within Vietnam’s territory, is the enterprise’s mailing address, has phone number, fax number and email address (if any).

Henceforth, the law does not restrict multiple companies being located at the same address. However, enterprise must choose addresses with transparent contact conducive to transactions during operation. In addition, enterprises should also consider addresses not eligible for headquarter locating such as apartments.

Pursuant to Article 42, Law on enterprises no. 59/2020/QH14:

The enterprise’s headquarters shall be located within Vietnam’s territory, is the enterprise’s mailing address, has phone number, fax number and email address (if any).

Henceforth, the law does not mandate a minimum area for the headquarter of the company.

However, for some conditional business industries, there might be some requirements for minimum area when processing business certificate procedure.

This is applied for the company’s headquarter, branch’s address, representative office’s address, business location’s address. Therefore, enterprises need to carefully consider to avoid penalties from authorities.

Is apartment’s address allowed to be registered as a business headquarter?

Currently, there are many enterprises who own condominiums and apartments want to register their condominiums’ and apartments’ addresses as headquarters for their companies, enterprises. This is to help enterprises manage their headquarters more easily, eliminate the cost of ground rent. However, is it legal to use condominiums’ and apartments’ addresses for business purposes?

Pursuant to Clause 1, Article 6, Land Law 2014, “Using apartments not for residential purposes” is a prohibited act.

Pursuant to Clause 7, Article 80, Circular No. 99/2015/NĐ-CP as of 20/10/2015, promulgated by the government, stipulating in detail and instructing on implementing some points of Land Law: “In case a business registration document issued by a competent authority indicates that an apartment is used as business location before the effective date of the Law on Housing, the organization, household, or individual granted with such business registration document must move the business to another location other than an apartment within 06 months from the effective date of this Decree. The competent authority that issued the business registration document must initiate procedures for changing the business location on the business registration document issued to the organization, household, or individual into another location by the deadline specified in this Clause. After this deadline, the organization, household, or individual must not do business at the apartment.”

Henceforth, if enterprises want to run a business at their condominiums, apartments – when submitting business registration documents, or changing headquarters’ addresses to condominiums’, apartments’ addresses, enterprises need to provide construction permits issued by authorities that approve specific locations in the condominiums and apartments eligible for business (Note: only stamps of authorities such as Department of Construction, Ministry of Construction, not investors’ stamps, will be accepted by business registration authorities)

In case enterprises have already been registered and licensed, then the enterprises have to prepare documents to change their business addresses to elsewhere from condominiums, apartments (except for the apartments’ area used for business purposes) within 15 days since the Business Registration Office issues a notice.

Beyond this time limit and still have not received registration documents for changing enterprises’ headquarters, branches’ addresses, representative offices’ addresses, business locations’ addresses to elsewhere from condominiums and apartments, the Business Registration Office – Department of Planning and Investment will collaborate with the Department of construction and the People’s Committee at the district, ward where the enterprises, branches, representative offices, business locations operate to enforce penalties in accordance with the current laws.


We have various information and different services for customers.


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