VinaSC is an entity specializing in providing legal advisory services in Tien Giang for foreign enterprises.

Our services aim at helping enterprises, investors sufficiently comply with and implement more efficiently the legal regulations in their business operation.

Each country has its own law system to influence targets needing to be regulated. Foreign investors and enterprises operating in Tien Giang is not exempt from such obligations. This, on the one hand, creates fairness in rights and duties, on the other hand, incurs difficulties, even risks if violated.

Therefore, to ensure compliance and mitigate the risks, foreign investors, enterprises will always care about consulting services and legal support throughout their business operation.

Legal advisory services help enterprises, investors understand the regulations, procedure relating to each of their activities. Every idea, business solution, whether long term or short term, needs to be legally appraised before implemented.

Being consulted and fully understand the laws will help enterprises better utilize their rights in terms of business as well as contractual negotiation.

Effectively implement the legal regulations will timely deter violations, prevent intrinsic risks in the enterprise itself.

The scope of legal advisory services in Tien Giang at VinaSC includes the main service segments as follows:

Legal advisory and support

  • Consulting about investment procedure
  • Consulting about the laws on business sectors and activities
  • Consulting and addressing business cases relating to the laws
  • Consulting and addressing matters relating to labors, wages, insurances…
  • Consulting about investment capital, investment execution and profit remittance abroad
  • Consulting and appraising information pertaining to tax credit and investment incentive policies
  • Consulting and addressing matters pertaining to foreign labors such as: work permits, temporary residency…

Consulting and updating new regulations services

There are various legal regulations influencing business activities at the enterprise. Those regulations are always changing, making it hard for the enterprise to update in time or update sufficiently. This can lead to multiple risks for the enterprise. Therefore, enterprises need to preemptively update with the changes, especially with those directly impacting on their business sectors.

  • Update new policies periodically
  • Consulting, addressing matters influencing directly on the enterprise
  • Consulting and executing adjustment procedure for the enterprise based on the new regulations

Authorized legal representative services

In case the enterprise only has one legal representative, that person must reside in Tien Giang and complete authorization documents for another person to execute the rights and duties of the legal representative when he or she exits Tien Giang.

However, our authorization services will not include the responsibility to run the business as a CEO of the company. The authorization services include:

  • Representing the Company in executing the rights and duties to governmental authorities.
  • Representing the Company in executing the duties to labors, maintaining the Company while waiting for the legal representative to reenter Tien Giang.

Why should you use legal advisory services in Tien Giang at VinaSC?

  • Reasonable service fees.
  • Always guarantee and comply with the progress as promised.
  • Our employees can satisfy foreign language demand to directly communicate with customers.
  • VinaSC has experience in providing legal advisory to foreign investors, enterprises in Tien Giang.
  • Understanding the regulations, operation protocols and governmental management imposed on foreign enterprises.

Please contact VinaSC to get timely consultation and support.