How should auditors update their knowledge? (Part II)

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How should auditors update their knowledge? (Cont.)

3. A fine ranging from VND 10,000,000 to VND 20,000,000 shall be imposed on organizations approved by the Ministry of Finance to run refresher courses for audit practitioners and audit practice registration applicants for one of the following violations:

a) Failure to submit post-course reports on the auditor refresher course to the Ministry of Finance;

b) Failure to notify the Ministry of Finance of the course’s contents, curriculum, time and place, lecturers’ details, the number of audit practitioners registering for the course before the course takes place, or the changes in those details;

c) Failure to submit the consolidated report on the annual auditor refresher course;

d) Running refresher courses for audit practitioners and audit practice registration applicants for the purpose of recording time spent on refresher training without the Ministry of Finance’s approval;

dd) Reporting incorrectly the number of trainees attending the refresher course for audit practitioners or the time spent on the course;

e) Reporting the refresher course as if it was run despite the contrary;

g) Issuing certificates for attending the refresher course to trainees who did not participate in the course.

4. Additional penalty:

The organization that recommits any of the violations mentioned in Points d, e, f, g, Clause 3 of this Article shall be suspended from running auditor refresher course organizing works for 1-3 months from the day the decision on penalty imposition comes into effect (if the organization has the Ministry of Finance’s approval to organize auditor refresher courses at the time the violation is discovered).

5. Remedial Measure:

Return illegal profits earned by the violation mentioned in Point d, Clause 3 of this Article.

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