VINASC: Tax consulting services company in Binh Duong Province

VINASC: Tax consulting services company in Binh Duong Province

Tax consulting company services vinasc 2Vinasc is the unit specialized in Auditing services, Accounting services, Tax consulting services in Binh Duong Province

VINASC provides full range of tax consulting services in order to run a foreign owned company in Vietnam such as tax planning, payroll management, tax reporting and corporate financial statements.

Tax planning

VINASC tax planning consists of two parts –budgeting taxes for the upcoming year and optimizing tax liabilities. Both are especially important for companies new to Vietnamese market.

By using VINASC’s tax planning service you will receive:

  • Overview of all the taxes relevant for your business
  • Setting up accounting practices to comply with local accounting standards
  • Optimizing tax liabilities using tax deductions, exemptions, timing revenue etc.

Payroll management

Payroll management is the administration of the salaries, bonuses and benefits of your staff. By outsourcing payroll management, you will avoid having to hire and train a full-time accountant. It also ensures you always comply with changing regulations.

Tax consulting company services vinascPayroll management includes:

  • Compliance with employment law
  • Recording employees’ salaries, bonuses, benefits
  • Calculating withheld taxes on the employees’ payments

Tax reporting

Companies need to submit both quarterly and annual reports to regional tax office. In addition to that all foreign companies are required to audit their financial statements.

VINASC focuses on quarterly and annual reports but we will also assist you in finding an audit firm from our trusted partner network.

Quarterly reports include:

  • VAT return
  • Personal income tax return
  • Report of using the outcome VAT

Annual reports include:

  • Annual financial statement
  • Statement of return PIT
  • Statement of return CIT

Corporate financial statements

One of the challenges of foreign companies is that Vietnam has its own modified accounting standards. This means that the corporate financial statements do not necessarily follow the same standards as in other countries your company does business in.

Tax consulting company services vinasc 2VINASC’s tax consultants in Binh Duong prepare the following corporate financial statements for you:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Statement of Changes in Equity
  • Notes (including summary of accounting policy and other notes)

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