As required by the laws, every enterprise starting a business needs to build an accounting system or hire an accounting service provider to manage bookkeeping and financial statements. Additionally, enterprises also need to comply with tax procedure and duties.

However, for most enterprises, building up and maintaining an accounting system are not simple. During recruitment, training of accountants and operation, there will be countless incurred cost coupled with inefficiency.

The role of the accounting system and accountants are utterly important to enterprises. On the one hand, they help enterprises comply with the laws and mitigate risks, on the other hand, provide helpful information for managers to make the right decisions.

Understanding such difficulties, many companies are currently seeking for accounting services for their professionalism, cost-efficiency and the major benefits they bring to enterprises.

VinaSC is an entity specializing in providing accounting services for foreign enterprises in Vinh Long .

VinaSC’s accounting services act as the accounting system of the enterprise. VinaSC will solve all problems relating to bookkeeping to mitigate undesirable risks pertaining to administration and financial issues.

When do foreign enterprises need accounting services in Vinh Long  from VinaSC?

  • You are not satisfied with the capability of your current accounting system.
  • Your enterprise is newly-established, there is no accountant and chief accountant yet.
  • In some cases, the enterprise needs to review the books, vouchers before finalizing multiple-year-taxation.
  • You need professional accountants with qualifications, expertise, experience to conduct accounting jobs, record vouchers, bookkeeping, prepare tax declaration and reports.

VinaSC’s accounting services include the following tasks:

  • Bookkeeping;
  • Completing, balancing financial statements;
  • Organizing accounting activities at the enterprise;
  • Providing documents and justifying accounting figures;
  • Providing documents and working with auditing entities;
  • Building accounting vouchers and accounting books system;
  • Consulting and warning about accounting risks to business leaders.

What are the accounting jobs conducted by VinaSC’s experts?

  • Weighing incurred professions;
  • Calculating and recording vouchers;
  • Receiving vouchers from customers;
  • Authorized accountants for enterprises;
  • Calculating production cost, cost of inventories;
  • Allocating amortization and accounting calculation;
  • Preparing and printing accounting books as required;
  • Categorizing, organizing, storing accounting vouchers;
  • Assigning, authorizing chief accountants for enterprises;
  • Sending and receiving vouchers and submitting reports;
  • Checking input and output vouchers’ compliance with the laws;
  • Consulting about Labor Law, Insurance Law, Medical Insurance.

Why should you use accounting services in Vinh Long  at VinaSC?

  • VinaSC’s service fees are reasonable given the service quality offered to customers.
  • With a team of employees full of experience in many business fields, accounting departments, VinaSC will support your business in the most efficient and professional manner.
  • Apart from monthly jobs, we also counsel enterprises on the daily matters relating to tax, accounting and audit, helping enterprises mitigate tax-related risks during operation.

What are the fee policies of accounting services at VinaSC?

We have experience and are trusted by many foreign investors to be a consulting entity for their business operation in Vinh Long . We can understand the work culture, demand and expectation of our customers. Service fee is one of the contents we always trying to optimize based on our service quality. Belows are some content affecting our service fees:

  • The scale of the enterprise (The number of vouchers, scale of labors and revenue);
  • Time-related requirement differs from the timeline stipulated in the laws of Vinh Long;
  • Professions, business lines of the enterprise (manufacturing enterprise, production enterprise, commercial or service enterprise);
  • Demand for services, reports for internal management. If there is not further request, VinaSC shall complete the procedure as required by the laws of Vinh Long.

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