Repurchase of shares at the request of shareholders

Article 129. Repurchase of shares at the request of shareholders

Transfer-pricing-services21. Any shareholder who votes against the Resolution on the company’s restructuring or changes to the shareholders’ rights and obligations prescribed in the company’s charter shall be entitled to request the company to repurchase his/her shares.

The request shall be made in writing, specifying the shareholder’s name, address, amount of each type of shares, wanted prices, and reasons for requesting the repurchase.

The request shall be sent to the company within 10 days from the day on which the General Meeting of Shareholders ratifies the Resolution on the issues mentioned in this Clause.

2. The company shall repurchase shares at the request of shareholders as prescribed in Clause 1 of this Article at market prices or prices determined in accordance with the company’s charter within 90 days from the day on which the request is received.

If an agreement on the price is not reached, both parties may request a professional valuation organization to carry out the valuation. The company shall recommend at least 03 professional valuation organizations for shareholders to choose. The decision given by such organization shall be final.

Article 130. Repurchase of shares under the company’s decision

The company may repurchase up to 30% of total ordinary shares that are sold, part of or all of shares with preferred dividends that are sold as follows:

1. The Board of Directors may decide repurchase of up to 10% of total shares of each type that are offered within 12 months. In other cases, the repurchase of shares shall be decided by the General Meeting of Shareholders;

2. The Board of Directors shall decide repurchase prices. Repurchase price of ordinary shares must not exceed the market price at the time of repurchase, except for the case mentioned in Clause 3 of this Article.

Transfer-pricing-services1With regard to other types of shares, unless otherwise prescribed by the company’s charter or agreed between the company and relevant shareholders, the repurchase prices must not fall below the market price;

3. The company may repurchase the shares held by each shareholder in proportion to his/her holding in the company. In this case, a notification of the decision to repurchase shares must be sent by registered mail to all shareholders within 30 days from the day on which such decision is ratified.

The notification must contain the name, headquarter address of the company, total amount of shares and types of shares repurchased, repurchase prices or rules for determination of repurchase prices; procedures and deadline for payment; procedures and deadline for shareholders to offer their shares to the company.

Any shareholder that agrees to resell his/her shares shall send the offering by registered mail to the company within 30 days from the notification date.

The offering shall contain the full name, permanent residence, Nationality, ID/passport number if the shareholder is an individual, name, enterprise identification number or establishment decision number, headquarter address if the shareholder is an organization; the shares being held and the shares being offered; method of payment, signature of the shareholder or the shareholder’s legal representative. The company shall only repurchase shares offered by the said deadline.