Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors

Article 154. Minutes of meetings of the Board of Directors

accounting-services-in-vietnam21. Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be recorded in writing, audio recordings, or other electronic means. The minutes must be made in Vietnamese languages (additional foreign languages are permitted) and contain the following information:

a) The enterprise’s name, enterprise identification number, address of the headquarter;

b) Purposes, agenda, and contents of the meeting;

c) Time and location of the meeting;

d) Full name of each attending member or their authorized person, method of participation; full name of every member that does not attend and explanations;

dd) Issues discussed and voted on at the meeting;

e) Summary of opinions of each attending member in chronological order;

g) Voting result, specifying the members that casts affirmative votes, negative votes, and abstentions;

h) The issues that have been ratified;

i) Full names, signatures of the chair and the minutes maker.

The chair and the minutes maker are responsible for the truthfulness and accuracy of the minutes of the Board of Directors meeting.

accounting-services-in-vietnam12. Minutes of the Board of Directors meetings and documents used during the meetings shall be kept at the company’s headquarter.

3. The minutes made in Vietnamese language and those in foreign languages shall have equal value. In case of any discrepancy between the Vietnamese version and foreign language version, the former shall prevail.

Article 155. Right to obtain information of Members of the Board of Directors

1. Members of the Board of Directors are entitled to request the Director/General Director or Deputy Director/Deputy General Director, and managers of units in the company to provide information about the financial status and performance of the company and units in the company.

2. The requested must provide timely, sufficient, accurate information and documents at the request of Members of the Board of Directors. Procedures for requesting and providing information shall be prescribed by the company’s charter.