Investments made within Vietnam’s territory must comply with this Law and relevant laws

Article 4. Application of the Law on Investment, relevant laws and international agreements

bookkeeping-vinasc31. Investments made within Vietnam’s territory must comply with this Law and relevant laws.

2. Where regulations on banned business lines, conditional business lines, or investment procedures in this Law and other laws are inconsistent, regulations of this Law shall apply, except for investment procedures prescribed in the Law on Securities, the Law of credit institution, the Law on Insurance, and the Law on Petroleum.

3. Where regulations of this Law and those of an international agreement to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory are inconsistent, the latter shall apply.

4. With regard to any contract to which at least a party is a foreign investor or a business organization defined in Clause 1 Article 23 of this Law, the parties to which may reach an agreement on whether to apply foreign laws or international practice if such agreement does not contravene Vietnam’s laws.

Article 5. Policies on business investment

1. Investors are entitled to make investments in the business lines that are not banned in this Law.

2. Investors may decide their business investments on their own in accordance with this law and relevant laws; may access and make use of loan capital, assistance funds, land, and other resources as prescribed by law.

3. The ownership of assets, capital, income, another the lawful rights and interests of investors are recognized and protected by the State.

4. The State shall treat investors equitably; introduce policies to encourage and enable investors to make business investment and to ensure sustainable development of economic sectors.

5. International agreements on business investment to which Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory are upheld by the State.

Article 6. Banned business lines

1. The investments in the activities below are banned:

a) Trade in the narcotic substances specified in Appendix I hereof;

n) Trade in the chemicals and minerals specified in Appendix I of this Law;

c) Trade in specimens of wild flora and fauna specified in Appendix 1 of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora; specimens of rare and/or endangered species of wild fauna and flora in Group I of Appendix 3 hereof;

d) Prostitution;

dd) Human trafficking; trade in human tissues and body parts;

e) Business pertaining to human cloning.

2. The Government’s regulations shall apply to production and use of products mentioned in Points a, b, and c Clause 1 of this Article during analysis, testing, scientific research, medical research, pharmaceutical production, criminal investigation, national defense and security protection

Article 7. Conditional business lines

bookkeeping-vinasc11. Conditional business lines are the business lines in which the investment must satisfy certain conditions for reasons of national defense and security, social order and security, social ethics, or public health.

2. The List of conditional business lines is provided in Appendix 4 hereof.

3. Conditions for making investments in the business lines mentioned in Clause 2 of this Article are specified in the Laws, Ordinances, Decrees, and the international agreements to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a signatory. Ministries, ministerial agencies, the People’s Council, People’s Committees, and other entities must not issue regulations on conditions for making business investments.

4. Conditions for making business investments must be appropriate for the objectives in Clause 1 of this Article, ensure transparency, objectivity, not wasting time or money of investors.

5. The conditional business lines and the corresponding conditions shall be posted on the National Company Registration Portal.

6. The Government shall elaborate the announcement and control of conditions for business investments.

Article 8. Amendments to the Lists of banned business lines and the List of conditional business lines

Depending on the socio-economic conditions and state management requirements in each period, the Government shall review the banned business lines, conditional business lines and propose amendments to Article 6 and Article 7 to the National Assembly.