Investment project means a collection of proposal to make midterm

This Law deals with business investments in Vietnam and outward business investments.

Article 2. Regulated entities

bookkeeping-vinasc3This Law applies to investors, other organizations and individuals (hereinafter referred to as entities) involved in business investment.

Article 3. Interpretation of terms

In this Law, the terms below are construed as follows:

1. Register office means the regulatory body competent to issue, adjust, and revoke Certificates of investment registration.

2. Investment project means a collection of proposal to make midterm or long-term capital investment in business in a particular administrative division over a certain period of time.

3. Expansion project means a project to make investment to expand the scale, improve the capacity, apply new technologies, reduce pollution or improve the environment.

4. New investment project means a project that is executed for the first time or a project independent from any other running project.

5. Business investment means an investor’s investing capital to do business by establishing a business organization; making capital contribution, buying shares or capital contributions to a business organization; making investments in the form of contracts or execution of investment projects.

6. Certificate of investment registration means a paper or electronic document bearing registered information about the investment project of the investor.

bookkeeping-vinasc17. National investment database means a system of professional information meant for monitoring, assessment, and analysis of investments nationwide in order to serve state management tasks and support for investors’ investment making process.

8. Public-Private Partnership contract (hereinafter referred to as PPP contract) means a contract between a competent authority and an investor or project management enterprise to execute an investment project as prescribed in Article 27 of this Law.

9. Business cooperation contract means a contract between investors for business cooperation and distribution of profits, products without establishment of a new business organization.

10. Export-processing zone means an industrial park specialized in manufacturing of exported products or provision of services for manufacturing of exported products and export.

11. Industrial park means an area with a defined geographical boundary specialized in industrial production and provision of services for industrial production.

12. Economic zone means an area with a defined geographical boundary which consists of multiple sectors and is meant to attract investments, develop socio-economic, and protect national defense and security.

13. Investor means an organization or individual that makes business investments. Investors include Vietnamese investors, foreign investors, and foreign-invested business organizations.

14. Foreign investor means an individual holding a foreign nationality or an organization established under foreign laws an making business investment in Vietnam.

15. Vietnamese investor means an individual holding Vietnamese nationality or a business organization whose members or shareholders are not foreign investors.

16. Business organization means an organization established and run in accordance with Vietnam’s laws. Business organizations include companies, cooperatives, cooperative associations, and other organizations that make business investments.

17. Foreign-invested business organization means a business whose members or shareholders are foreign investors.

18. Capital means money and other assets used invested in business.