Conditions and standards of Controllers

Article 103. Conditions and standards of Controllers, accounting

A Controller must:

accounting-services-in-vietnam21. Be professionally trained in finance, accounting, audit, law, business administration, and has at least 03 years’ experience; the Chief Controller must have qualifications and have at least 05 years’ experience of finance, accounting, audit, law, business administration

2. Not be a company’s employee.

3. Not be a spouse, birth parent, adoptive parent, birth child, adopted child, brother, sister, brother-in-law, sister-in-law of the following entities.

a) The head and deputy head of the representative agency;

b) Members of the Board of members of the company;

c) Deputy Director/Deputy General Director and Chief accountant of the company;

d) Other Controllers of the company.

4. Not concurrently hold the position of Director/General Director of another enterprise.

5. Not concurrently hold the position of Controller, member of the Board of members, member of the Board of Directors of a enterprise other than state-owned enterprises.

6. Satisfy other standards and conditions prescribed by the company’s charter.

Article 104. Rights of the Control Board and Controllers

1. Attend meetings of the Board of members, consultancies, official and unofficial discussions between the representative agency and the Board of members; enquire the Board of members, members of the Board of members, and Director/General Director about the plans, projects, development investment programs, and other decisions related to the company’s administration.

2. Examine accounting books, reports, contracts, transactions, and other documents of the company; inspect the administration of the Board of members, members of the Board of members, Director/General Director where necessary or at the request of the representative agency.

3. Examine, assess the business performance and financial status of the company, the effect of internal administration regulations of the company.

4. Request members of the Board of members, the Director/General Director or Deputy Director/Deputy General Director, Chief accountant, and other managers to report and provide information within the scope of management and investment, business operation of the company.

accounting-services-in-vietnam15. Request the company’s managers to report the financial status, business performance of subsidiaries where necessary for fulfillments of duties as prescribed by law and the company’s charter.

6. Report members of the Board of Members, Director/General Director, or other managers who act against their rights and obligations or are likely to do so; report violations against the law, regulations on economic management, the company’s charter, internal administration regulations to the representative agency, other members of the Control Board, and relevant individuals.

7. Request the representative agency to establish a unit specialized in consulting audit and assisting the Control Board in performance of their given rights and obligations.

8. Exercise other rights prescribed by the company’s charter.