Bid bonds shall be made in the form of bid deposit, collateral or guarantee.

Bid bonds shall be made in the form of bid deposit, collateral or guarantee.

Set-up-company-in-vietnam-Vinasc22. Bid solicitors may request bidders to make bid deposits, bid collaterals or provide bid guarantees when submitting their bid dossiers. The percentage of a bid deposit or collateral shall be set out by bid solicitor but must not exceed 3% of the total estimated value of goods or services subject to bidding.

3. Bid solicitors shall stipulate the mode and conditions for making deposits, collaterals or providing bid guarantees. In case of bid deposits or collaterals, such deposits or collaterals shall be returned to unsuccessful bidders within seven working days from the date the bidding results are announced.

4. Bidders shall not be allowed to receive back their bid deposits or collaterals in cases where they withdraw bid dossiers after the expiration of the time limit for submitting bid dossiers (referred to as “bidding closure”), fail to enter into contracts or refuse to perform contracts in cases where they are bid winners.

5. Guarantors for bidders are obliged to guarantee bids for the guaranteed within the value equal to deposits or collaterals.

Article 223.- Confidentiality of bidding information

1. Bid solicitors must keep confidential bid dossiers.

2. Organizations and individuals involved in the organization of bidding and in the evaluation and selection of bids must keep confidential information relevant to the bidding.

Article 224.- Bid opening

1. Bid opening is the opening of bid dossiers at a fixed time or in cases where there is no prefixed time, the time of bid opening shall be the time immediately after the bidding closure.

2. All bid dossiers submitted on time must be opened publicly by bid solicitors. Bidders shall be entitled to attend the bid opening.

3. Bid dossiers which are not submitted on time shall be rejected and returned to bidders unopened.

Article 225.- Consideration of bid dossiers upon bid opening

1. Bid solicitors consider the validity of bid dossiers.

2. Bid solicitors may request bidders to clarify unclear contents in their bid dossiers. Requests and clarification of bid dossiers must be made in writing.

Article 226.- Minutes of bid opening

Set-up-company-in-vietnam-Vinasc11. Upon bid opening, the bid solicitor and bidders that are present shall have to sign the minutes of bid opening.

2. A minutes of bid opening must have the following contents:

a/ Name of goods or service subject to bidding;

b/ Date, time and place of the bid opening;

c/ Names and addresses of the bid solicitor and bidders;

d/ Bidding prices of bidders;

e/ Written amendments or supplements and relevant contents, if any.

Article 227.- Evaluation and comparison of bid dossiers

1. Bid dossiers shall be evaluated and compared according to each criterion for an overall evaluation.

The criteria for evaluation of bid dossiers shall be provided for by bid solicitors.

2. The criteria mentioned in Clause 1 of this Article shall be evaluated by the score-giving method or other methods determined prior to the bid opening.