Announcing business registration information

Article 33. Announcing business registration information

bookkeeping-vinasc31. After being granted the Certificate of Business registration, the enterprise must make an announcement on the National Business Registration Portal and pay the fee as prescribed. The announcement shall contain the information on the Certificate of Business registration and the following information:

a) The business lines;

b) A list of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors if the enterprise is a joint-stock company.

2. If business registration information is changed, the changes must be announced on National Business Registration Portal by the deadline prescribed in Clause 3 of this Article.

3. Announcement of the information prescribed in Clause 1 and Clause 2 of this Article must be announced within 30 days from the day on which it is disclosed.

Article 34. Provision of business registration information

1. Within 05 working days from the day on which the Certificate of Business registration is issued or business registration information is changed, the business registration authority shall send the business registration information or the changes to business registration information to the tax authority, statistical agency, labor authority, and social insurance authority; periodically send business registration information and changes to business registration information to another regulatory body of the same level, the People’s Committee of the district where the enterprise’s headquarter is located.

2. Every organization or individual is entitled to request business registration authorities to provide information that must be announced by enterprises as prescribed by law.

bookkeeping-vinasc13. Business registration authorities must provide information sufficiently and in a timely manner as prescribed in Clause 2 of this Article.

4. The Government shall elaborate this Article.

Article 35. Contributed assets

1. Contributed assets may be Vietnam Dong (VND), convertible foreign currencies, gold, value rights to use land, value of intellectual property rights, technologies, technical secrets, and other assets that can be assessed in VND.

2. Intellectual property rights contributed as capital include copyrights and relevant rights, industrial property rights, plant variety rights, and other intellectual property rights prescribed by regulations of law on intellectual property. Only the organizations and individuals who are legitimate owners of the aforementioned rights may contribute such assets as capital.